#1. The one where I introduce myself

For real this time. I’ve had way too many blogs in the past and I’ve given up on them. Sometimes I cringe physically just thinking about what I’ve posted on them. So I guess this could be another mistake, or this could be the one to stick with me for the rest of my life. (Not putting my money on either choice.)

So, in this blog, I’m gonna be posting whenever I feel like posting with absolutely no commitment attached to it. Who knows? It could be Reviews, Reflections, Rants, Rankings… (help me out here, I’m running out of things that start with R)

Anyways, why did I start this blog? Duh. Because the cool kids are doing it and I strive to blend in… but seriously tho I started this blog because I think of it as a blank slate. I can undo the mistake of following people on private instagram. Here, I can say anything I want without thinking of other people’s feelings. It’s a very liberating feeling… except for Ferra. Hi Ferra. (But then again, when you think about it, we aren’t really that connected, so I highly doubt that anything in my personal life would affect you that much.)

Also, I wouldn’t have that looming thought that I’m annoying people that much. Having a private instagram in which people follow me is contradictory… but then of course, I have to give in to society by letting the follow me & it lowkey probably gives them the thought that I trust them wholeheartedly with all my secrets and thoughts. But I don’t.

Not all of them anyway. I could easily just block them from it, but then again, I’m not that bad of a person. (I think.)

Okay. I guess that’s it for a first (and maybe last) post. I might post again here, but like I said, no commitments. So, until next time… bye.

Or something like that.

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